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What is Schtuff & Stuff?

Schtuff & Stuff offers both second-hand (Schtuff) and new (Stuff) items for sale at the best possible prices.  We believe that most Schtuff still has plenty of life left in them, even after original owners are done with them.  Instead of letting this Schtuff end up in our landfills we source it, inspect it, test it and sell it at the best possible prices to new owners that can love this Schtuff again.

We also find a lot of Stuff along the way too that's new with tags, never used and/or opened.  Sometimes the Stuff is from the previous season, it may have gone a little out of style or just isn't what the store wants to sell anymore.  We get this Stuff at great prices and pass those savings on to you as well when you buy our Stuff.

Who's on the Schtuff & Stuff Team?

Phil & MegSchtuff & Stuff was founded by Phil and his wife Meg.  This is still truly a family owned and run business the team consists of Phil, Meg and their 3 little minions.

How did Schtuff & Stuff Get Started?

Phil started selling items out of the house that he and Meg were no longer using that still had life in them but were taking up space.  The idea back then was just to make a few extra dollars here and there to help with some bills, holiday shopping, and a vacation.  Phil quickly fell in love with selling products and soon family and friends heard about what he was doing and had him sell some of their Schtuff.  One thing led to another and this soon became a passion project to help reduce the amount of waste that ends up in our landfills just due to the next new item coming out.  

What's up with your inventory? Stuff goes out of Stock quick...

Due to the nature of our business and how we source our inventory at this time, we end up getting a lot of unique SKU's with low quantity to them.  A lot of the time we get 1 of a particular SKU.  We can't really control the type of Schtuff & Stuff we have in stock at any one time, we basically just control the type of Schtuff & Stuff we receive (toys, electronics, etc.) 

That being said if you see some Schtuff & Stuff that you really wanted and it's out of stock, please contact us, using the form on the contact page and let us know.  We can keep an eye out for those types of items and let you know when they become available again.  Sometimes before they even hit the site!